Hulu’s Success: Gains Global Popularity in Just Two Weeks Since Release:

Hulu is more than just a platform for crime movies and documentaries; it offers an enjoyable selection of crime-themed comedy serie What’s more, there’s a particular show that’s currently taking the global viewership crown.

With each passing week, Hulu introduces fresh content for viewers to enjoy. This time around, they’ve unveiled a new season of an immensely popular series, and it’s now making waves as the ultimate global sensation.

Conceived by the creative minds of John Hoffman and Steve Martin, this series garnered considerable recognition, boasting three prestigious Primetime Emmy Awards. Having premiered in 2021, it continues to captivate audiences with its enduring appeal. Noteworthy celebrity appearances have contributed to its charm.

Front and center in the show is Selena Gomez, who not only shines as a leading star but also wields influence behind the scenes as an executive producer—an impressive feat.

Only Murders in the Building maintains its stronghold, defying the passage of time. This week, the much-anticipated third season was launched, available for streaming on Hulu. It has truly solidified its status as a global sensation.

The series delves into the lives of three strangers residing in the same New York apartment building. Their shared fascination with true crime leads them on an unexpected journey, as they suddenly find themselves immersed in a bona fide murder mystery.”

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