Breaking: Shocking Cancer Revelation by House Leader Steve Scalise – Can He Overcome This Battle?”

Steve Scalise, Washington House Majority Leader from Louisiana, has shared that he’s currently undergoing treatment for cancer. In a statement on Tuesday, Scalise revealed that he began feeling unlike himself recently, prompting him to get some blood work done. The results of the tests led to the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, a type of blood cancer that can be effectively treated. The 57-year-old politician assured that he has already started his treatment, which is set to continue for the next few months.

U.S. House Majority leader Steve Scalise.

Despite his health situation, Scalise is determined to keep working and representing Louisiana’s First Congressional District. He expressed gratitude for catching the cancer early and for the support of his medical team, friends, family, colleagues, and constituents. Sen. Bill Cassidy, another Louisiana Republican, extended his support to Scalise during this time.

Scalise is no stranger to challenges, having survived a serious gunshot wound during a mass shooting at a congressional baseball practice in 2017. He was shot in the hip, enduring multiple surgeries due to the damage the bullet caused to several organs. Although his injuries forced him to be away from his legislative duties for three months and left him with a lingering limp, Scalise has remained determined and resilient.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, shared that he recently spoke with Scalise and found him to be in good spirits. McCarthy highlighted Scalise’s strong character, describing him as a fighter who refuses to let any obstacle, whether it’s a gunshot wound or cancer, hinder his determination to achieve his goals.

Even the White House joined in sending their best wishes, with President Joe Biden personally calling Scalise to convey his hopes for a speedy recovery.

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