As many of us are aware, the future of social security is uncertain” – Both Republicans and Democrats are backing significant changes to address this issue.

According to the most recent Social Security Trustee report Lawmakers have just 12 years to make things right with the Social Security program After that, the program might not have enough to pay out full benefits anymore. This is what the latest report from the Social Security trustees says.

According to the report, the funds in trust, which are currently at $2.9 trillion, will start going down after 2034. This means that unless there’s some legal intervention, Social Security will have to depend completely on the taxes they’re getting at that time to give out benefits. And because of this, they might only be able to pay about 75% of the usual benefits.

But there’s good news. There are a number of proposed policy changes to address the shortage of Social Security funding that are widely supported by voters on both sides of the aisle.